Keeping track of the things you love can be hard.

Lendromat is your little helper to keep track of borrowed things.1 Ever wondered where your favorite book ended up or to whom you lent that power tool? Lendromat will keep track of your stuff and your friends' stuff, making sure everybody can share their favorite things without getting lost in the minutia of tracking who borrowed what from whom and for how long.

1 It's also a pretty horrible pun.

It's only human to forget.

We all have forgotten to return borrowed items. Usually it's no big deal - but Lendromat can help you to avoid tensions and make borrowing more pleasant for everyone involved. If you and your friend use the app, you can enter that book you borrowed and send the entry via email to your friend's library. When the time is up, a reminder will tell you that you promised to return the book. If you aren't finished yet, you can even email your friend to ask for an extension. :)

Your data is safe. Backup and Restore, Export and Import.

With extensive import and export features you can backup and restore your library of items via iTunes or via a built-in web-server and Wi-Fi. To ice the cake, Lendromat's file format is XML and even viewable as a webpage in modern web-browsers.